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Services for Artists

You’re a creator. What you make absolutely stands on it own. But we’ve all seen people read a label before looking at a painting. Words matter. Your painting, your book, or your composition is what makes someone say yes to you–but I want to make sure that when your audience turns to your writing about that work, their “yes” doesn’t change to “no.” And sometimes, that writing will change a “maybe” to an “absolutely.”

My colleague, Corwin Levi, and I will draft or edit your statements, bios, applications, grants, and related writings to make your art sound just as amazing as it is. We provide each client with a personalized experience: we review what you’ve written, follow up with a phone call to discuss your work, then revise your writing and send it to you for a round of edits, if needed, which we incorporate into a polished text. You can then use this final product for applications, your website, gallery proposals, and any other instance you need to include writing about your work.

Our clients have used our writing to raise $20,000+ for Kickstarter campaigns and for successful applications to residencies like The MacDowell Colony. While we cannot guarantee success, we know from our own personal experience curating and serving on juries just how important a well-written application can be.

Don’t see the writing service you’re interested in below? I also write articles for artist catalogs, wall text for gallery shows, reviews, and more. Feel free to contact me for a personalized quote.




We find that our clients can use our work product again and again, so writing assistance is a long-term investment. Our final product is a synthesis of your past writing, close examination of your creative work, our own editing expertise, and the results of an in-depth conversation with you. To that end, our prices reflect the thoroughness with which we approach our work and also the fact that you will be able to reuse our product for different apps and other uses. Of note, repeat clients always get a discount.








A compelling, customized bio
(Discounted to $149 when combined with any other writing service)


Artist Statement2017-04-05T01:16:36-04:00

An artist statement, project description, or show proposal for a specific application


Grant Application2017-04-26T20:43:41-04:00

A complete grant application
(Such as a Guggenheim, Pollock-Krasner, Warhol, or Harpo Foundation grant)


Specific Application2017-04-05T01:18:41-04:00

A complete show proposal or a complete residency application


Generic Artist Statement2017-04-05T01:22:08-04:00

A stand-alone, multi-purpose artist statement for use on your website or elsewhere


Cover Letter Edit2017-04-05T01:19:34-04:00

Editing an existing draft of a substantive cover letter


Cover Letter Draft2017-04-05T01:21:08-04:00

Drafting and editing a substantive cover letter


Work Sample Selection2017-04-26T20:45:24-04:00

Experienced feedback on your work sample selection, such as which images to submit, etc.
(Discounted to $50 when combined with another writing service)


Image Formatting2017-04-26T20:59:38-04:00

Converting your images to the appropriate pixel dimensions and file size for use on the web or for an application  (Discount when combined with any other Gwarlingo Studio service)

$8 per image / $7 each for 20+ images

Making image improvements or alterations using Photoshop or Lightroom, including light and color adjustments, sharpening, touchups, etc. (Discount when combined with any other Gwarlingo Studio service)

$10 per image / $9 each for 20+ images



Other Writing & Editing Services

How well does your website, cover letter, or marketing materials tell your story? How well does your message communicate the unique ways you can help your target audience?

“Marketing” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Clients and customers respond best to authentic storytelling, and your business will be more successful if your messaging is aligned with your core values.

I will work with you to identify your ideal audience, your values and goals, and the features that make you or your business stand out. Using this critical information, I will write text that authentically connects you with your perfect customer. Whether you need website copy, a cover letter, or catalog text, I can craft a message that makes a difference.

Pricing is based on the scope of the project. Use the “Contact Us” button above or click here to tell me about your project and to get a price quote.