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Website Design



Your website is your calling card. It should not only express your taste and personality, but it should promote your creative work or business without getting in the way. After all, a website showcases your amazing work, not the web designer’s.

If you value clean, simple design and a user-friendly interface that looks good on many platforms, I’m the designer for you. I have built sites for writers, visual artists, nonprofits, and even a zoologist. Each web project is a collaboration, and I work hard to merge a client’s aesthetic taste with my own knowledge of best design practices.

I build custom WordPress sites for clients who want maximum flexibility and features on their site, and create personalized Squarespace sites for those who have a more limited budget and value simplicity more than customization.

Clients also hire me to assess their current website and get feedback on what is working and what might be improved with their site’s design and messaging.

I offer website maintenance plans for those who want to be less involved with site upkeep, as well as personalized training for those who would like to update their site themselves once the building process is complete.

If you need help choosing a social media platform or an email newsletter service to pair with your website, I can assist. I am also happy to collaborate with a developer or technical expert by providing detailed website mockups.

The price points listed below are a general guide. Feel free to contact me for a personalize quote.




There are a lot of web designers out there, from college interns to pricey design firms. How am I different? I am the rare people-person, who also possesses technical, design, and writing skills. I will not bombard you with technical jargon or convince you to add features you don’t need, but instead, will listen to your needs, while offering my own expert opinion. I pay attention to the details so that you don’t have to. If you provide website copy that contains a typo, I will fix it. I won’t stop working until your site looks amazing on mobile, tablet, and desktop. I excel at image selection, photo editing, font pairings, and color selection, but am also literate in SEO. As a writer, curator, and Internet researcher, I know what users are (and aren’t) looking for when they visit your site. My prices reflect my knowledge, thoroughness, patience, and creativity, combined with my strong communication skills.







Website Assessment2017-04-26T20:09:46-04:00

An assessment of your current website with detailed recommendations for text and design improvements

Starting at $390

Custom WordPress Site2017-04-26T20:03:14-04:00

A fully customized website built with, a popular and powerful open-source, content-management system. WordPress is ideal for clients who want maximum flexibility and features on their site, as well as the ability to edit content themselves. WordPress training is also available.

Starting at $5800

Complete Squarespace Site2019-11-20T12:20:43-05:00

A website built with Squarespace using one of their customizable templates. Squarespace sites are ideal for clients on a budget who don’t need as much site customization. Squarespace training is also available for those who want to edit and maintain their website themselves.

Starting at $4000

Squarespace Site Set Up2017-04-26T20:54:51-04:00

The skeleton of a new website built with Squarespace using one of their customizable templates (Client adds the majority of images, captions, and text)

Starting at $1500

Social Media Set Up2017-05-31T09:03:05-04:00

Setting up a new Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram account with engaging banner images, “about” text, etc.

Starting at $369

Social Media Training2017-04-26T20:19:59-04:00

A 90-minute training session (in person or via Skype) that will teach you how to effectively use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. The session will be customized to fit your social media goals, whether that goal is communicating with your grandchildren or using social media as a promotional tool for your business or art practice. (I love working with novices and there are no “stupid” questions!) 


Image Curation2017-04-26T20:30:35-04:00

Curating stand-out images for your website using free and paid stock image services, as well as online archives, such as the Library of Congress or Met image collection. (Discount when combined with any other Gwarlingo Studio service, such as website design. Does not include any additional stock photo fees that might apply.)

$229 for a portfolio of 20 images

Image Formatting & Editing2017-04-26T20:52:18-04:00

Converting your images to the appropriate pixel dimensions and file size for use on the web or for an application  (Discount when combined with any other Gwarlingo Studio service)

$8 per image / $7 each for 20+ images

Making image improvements or alterations using Photoshop or Lightroom, including light and color adjustments, sharpening, touchups, etc. (Discount when combined with any other Gwarlingo Studio service)

$10 per image / $9 each for 20+ images

Writing & Copy Editing2017-04-26T20:56:46-04:00

If you are investing in a fabulous looking website, don’t forget your website copy. I will help you hone the message of your website so that it tells your story in the most engaging way possible. Gwarlingo Studio also offers proofreading services. See our full menu of Writing and Editing Services here.

Starting at $70 an hour