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The Sunday Poem: Joshua Beckman’s The Inside of an Apple

Writer Joshua Beckman (Photo courtesy of Wave Books)   The poems in Joshua Beckman's new book, The Inside of an Apple (Wave Books, 2013), have all the immediacy of a "V" of geese passing overhead: for a brief moment, everything else falls away. While not technically haiku, Beckman's latest [...]

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I Never Knew How Blue Blueness Could Be: Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

  Helena Almeida, Inhabited Painting, 1975.© Helena Almeida, courtesy Serralves Foundation Collection, Oporto, Portugal   One of the joys of Gwarlingo is meeting art lovers from around the world. Sigrun Hodne and I found each other early in Gwarlingo's short history, and though she lives in Norway, and I [...]

The Sunday Poem : Noelle Kocot

    Noelle Kocot's latest book of poetry, The Bigger World, is a collection of  character sketches. Told in a straightforward, surreal style---one that recalls folktales, ancient myths, and fairytales---Kocot has stripped each piece down to its essentials. These short, accessible poems are funny, moving, and sometimes absurd, but always entertaining. "I [...]

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