Project Description

British novelist Roger King had a dilemma: he needed a cover for his new book, Love and Fatigue in America, and wasn’t thrilled with the choices his publisher was giving him. The autobiographical novel records an Englishman’s journey through his newly adopted country in the company of a mystifying illness and a charismatic dog named Arthur. A road trip, chronic fatigue, and the dog were our cues.

Roger endured a hard, asphalt road on a cold winter’s day, while his dog Django gave the performance of his life in return for the promise of dog treats. This was the last photo I took that day. By then, Roger was frozen and even Django wanted to lay down and rest. We were quickly losing the light, but in the final moments, Django looked right into the camera and gave the perfect, exasperated expression. Voila. We had our cover. I also worked with Roger to design new covers for his previous novels, which were out of print, but have just been re-released. I updated his author photos as well, which appeared in Psychology Today.

Since this project, I’ve also taken photographs of filmmaker Denise Iris and assisted a number of artists with grant applications, bios, websites, and marketing materials.

The key to creating a lasting impression is storytelling. Whether you are telling the story in photographs, a personal biography, a website, or a book jacket design, I work in collaboration with the artist to find the text or images that are true expression of them and their work.