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Daily Rituals: How Artists Create (And Avoid Creating) Their Art

"In my personal life, if I don't have a project, I don't have any discipline," says performance artist Marina Abramovic. Discipline and daily ritual were one of the subjects of her 2002 piece The House with the Ocean View. Abramovic spent 12 straight days living on three open platforms in [...]

I Never Knew How Blue Blueness Could Be: Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

  Helena Almeida, Inhabited Painting, 1975.© Helena Almeida, courtesy Serralves Foundation Collection, Oporto, Portugal   One of the joys of Gwarlingo is meeting art lovers from around the world. Sigrun Hodne and I found each other early in Gwarlingo's short history, and though she lives in Norway, and I [...]

Outsiders No More: An Exceptional Collection of Outsider Art Will Have a New Home in Philadelphia

Bill Traylor, Runaway Goat Cart, c. 1939-42. Opaque watercolor and graphite on cream card, 14 x 22 inches. (Photo by Will Brown courtesy the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection)   "I painted pictures in the gutter," the African-American artist Purvis Young once remarked, "and [...]

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The Complete Creative Part 4 : Christian McEwen on the Art of Happiness

  "What has been planted is the I want! I want! of advertising, which thrives on envy and dissatisfaction. Advertising tells us that happiness can be bought if we will only put our minds to it." (William Blake, "I Want! I Want!" from For Children: The Gates of Paradise, 1793. [...]

What is Love? Joan Wickersham’s The News from Spain Has Some Surprising Answers

  Joan Wickersham (Photo by Nicholas Latimer)   “A story . . . can become close, airless. You cannot stay shut up in your own head anymore; you need a break, some fresh air. Let’s go outside: We’ll take a walk, down a New York City side street. It’s [...]

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The Complete Creative Part 1 : How “If-Only Syndrome” Derails Us As Artists

  A ballerina by British street artist Banksy (Photo courtesy   When Gwarlingo readers give me feedback, I listen. You've been telling me that you'd like to see more articles about process and the challenges of being an artist. I've appreciated your emails and comments. Today, I'm excited [...]

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