Found : A Poetic License

    Yesterday, I stopped by the Montague Bookmill ("Books you don't need in a place you can't find") and came across this little number: a Poetic License. The license is the brainchild of Kenspeckle Letterpress in Duluth, Minnesota, which created the item at the request of a friend who [...]

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Drainspotting: 61 Amazing Manhole Covers from Japan

  One of my favorite book discoveries this summer is Drainspotting by Remo Camerota. The book celebrates an array of fascinating manhole cover designs from Japan. According to Camerota, nearly 95% of the 1,780 municipalities in Japan have their very own customized manhole covers. The country has elevated this humble, practical object to its [...]

Paint Palettes of the Old Masters

Why is van Gogh's paint palette worth preserving? Lucy Davies, photography critic for the Telegraph, tackled this question in a blog post she wrote last year: "The daubs of raw pigment or the mixes left in position can be an intriguing index to the working method and the mind of [...]

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George Bernard Shaw Exposed

Gwarlingo's "Photo of the Week" (a regular feature on the sidebar of the Gwarlingo homepage) is a captivating image of a sailboat on the Thames taken in 1906 by the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. Not many people realize that the Nobel laureate was a passionate amateur photographer, as [...]

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New York City Lights

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