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Listen to My Interview on NHPR

  A big thanks to Virginia Prescott, Taylor Quimby, and Rebecca Lavoie Flynn for another fun visit to the NHPR studios. Today's on-air discussion covered everything from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, the Barnes Museum controversy, Japanese manhole cover designs, the Copenhagen Philharmonic's flashmob, and more. If you missed the segment you can [...]

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The Sunday Poem : Ravi Shankar

          Sam the Super   You wouldn’t take my bald father for a quirky man, since his bearing is quintessentially Tamil-Brahmin, a Tam-Bram for the uninitiated, with the firmest hand when it comes to discipline or studies. He leers at ham and beer alike. Believes [...]

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What Makes a Healthy Life? Writer Roger King Explores Love & Fatigue in America

"I always thought the novel, with it’s ability to show lives in their full emotional and social complexity was the best medium for understanding and illuminating the world. I thought it more important than any non-fiction I could write as an academic, or journalist, or 'expert'; It seems an almost [...]

Not Your Average Flash Mob: The Copenhagen Phil Plays the Metro

  The best link in this morning's Twitter feed came from Christopher Jobson over at Colossal. Last month the Copenhagen Philharmonic pulled off an audacious stunt---performing Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt on a crowded, moving metro train for unsuspecting passengers. The flash mob was created in collaboration with Radio Klassisk. All music [...]

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A Sunday Poem Exclusive : The Debut of Mary Ruefle’s Erasure “Melody”

    When Mary Ruefle's book Melody: The Story of a Child arrived in the mail several weeks ago, I could smell the musty, antique pages and the faint whiff of stale cigarette smoke before I even opened the package. The beige envelope arrived by U.S. Postal Service, without insurance and [...]

The Sunday Poem : Carol Muske-Dukes

    Home-Boys: Baby & Me (a Sapphic) Ex-gang members. Driveby days over. Zero Tattoos, tagging. Sippy cups, hoodies. Baby Daddies gather, stubble-cheeked, holding infants. Rock-a-bye Central.   Awkward former enemies, rubbing elbows, Slow-bounce babies: parachute cradle. X-nay Gangsta language – A is for Apple, only. Alphabet shakedown.   [...]

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