God Quest


And when I have toilet paper I say thank you toilet paper god and when I
have food I say thank you food god. Clothes: thank the clothes’ god, shoes
and accessories- thank the same god. For lifts: the elevator god, and wine-
the god of grapes till I see stems and pits and oranges then I am lost in
contemplation of that which is good and may certainly decompose, knee
deep in gods pertaining to the dreaded thought, all distinctions left floating
to be divvied and transferred, mulled upon. After consideration and
appropriate confusion it is with great relief I decide to thank one god and
one god only. But the atheists appear and appear disgruntled so I thank no
one and my contemporaries appear to remind me how selfish and undeserving
I am, then my friends appear to rescue me from my contemporaries’ quaint
but borderline visions of myself and they take me to a better place until I
disagree with them. Upon realizing how emulative of the one they are I take
to the woods and breathe very deep- very, very deep.




About Merry Fortune

Merry Fortune is a poet and vocalist of German and Native American descent. She is the author of the newly published Deep Red Guild (Straw Gate Books, 2012) and Ghosts by Albert Ayler, Ghosts by Albert Ayler (Futurepoem books, 2004). A former co-editor of The World, editor of Pagan Place, and coordinator of The Poetry Project’s Monday night reading series, Merry has been performing and reading throughout New York for many years; highlights include performances with composer Butch Morris’ A Chorus of Poets. Her work has appeared in several anthologies: Many Mountains Moving, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, and The Unbearables’ publications The Big Book of Sex, Help Yourself! and Worst Book collections. Merry has taught writing workshops at both the Poetry Project and the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Her poems, reviews and articles have appeared in many publications including Beyond Race, High Times, L Magazine, Lungfull!, The Poetry Project Project Newsletter, Press 1, and Sensitive Skin. She has produced a recording titled The Love Dogs of Misfortune and has a collaboration on the 3-D compilation State of the Union produced by Elliott Sharp. Merry was born in downtown Brooklyn and currently lives and works in New York. For further selections of her work from Deep Red Guild visit Sensitive Skin Magazine and Leafscape.org.


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“God Quest” appears in Deep Red Guild Copyright © 2012 Merry Fortune. Used with permission from the author. All rights reserved. Deep Red Guild cover art: Goat (detail) by Anna Schuleit, mixed media on paper, 2009.