(Photo taken in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, DK. by Zephyrance via Flickr Commons)


You’re curious. Open-minded. Creative. You’re an artist or arts lover who isn’t afraid to be challenged.

Gwarlingo, like the arts in general, is about seeing the world in a way we’ve never seen before. Whether it’s through poetry, film, visual art, music, performance, or writing, we make room for art in our lives not only to be entertained, but also to be challenged, educated, and awakened. Isn’t this the reason we make time for the arts in the first place? The real reason we buy books, travel, and attend gallery shows, movies, concert, and performances?

I started Gwarlingo because I knew that readers like yourself were perfectly capable of appreciating contemporary art, sounds, and writing that was challenging, strange, radical, and out of the mainstream. I understand that you’re busy and that your time and attention are valuable. My goal is to make every Gwarlingo email or post a highpoint in your day, no matter how stressed you are or how many tasks are piling up on your “to-do” list. Art has a way of grounding us—of reminding us of what’s really important.

Most people who have over 25,000 unique website visitors a month and a burgeoning subscriber list would turn to advertising at this point to “monetize” their site. It’s not the idea of spreading a message or selling things I object to. It’s the fact that most of this advertising space is dominated by large corporations or businesses offering “stuff.” And do we really need more unnecessary plastic objects in our lives?


Rachel Perry Welty, Spam Series: what do you really want (Rochelle, February 25, 2009, 9:05:05 AM EST), 2010. One piece of aluminum foil. 8 ½ x 120 x 1 ” (Photo courtesy of the artist and Yancey Richardson Gallery)


Now that Gwarlingo has thousands of devoted fans, it’s time to take the site to the next level by trying something different. This is where you come in.

Recently, while brainstorming advertising ideas for the site, it hit me…

If Gwarlingo is going “to sell out,” why not “sell out” to you? I have one of the most interesting, talented, intelligent readerships on the web. I know because I see your event announcements, your press releases, your websites and Facebook pages, and receive messages and comments from incredible individuals all over the world. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with so many of you online and in person. I often wish I could clone myself so I could write about and work with each and every one of you.

I may not be able to clone myself, but it IS possible for me to introduce you to each other—to offer you the Gwarlingo platform to share your work, your website, your bio, your arts organization (or to allow you to do this in honor of a friend, loved one, or cause you care about).

So today I’m officially launching the first Gwarlingo Membership Drive and offering you the opportunity to become a charter Gwarlingo Member.

And in return, I have some exciting things to give you.

Since Gwarlingo launched in June of 2011, I’ve single-handedly brought you the work of over 60 Sunday Poets, nearly 200 articles on film, visual art, books, and music, as well as insights about the barriers to the creative life based on 20 years of working with artists and arts organizations. But in order to continue providing you with quality content, I need to raise a minimum of $15,000 through this membership drive. Your collective support will allow me to offer the Complete Creative series, artist interviews and reviews, the Sunday Poem, and other great content for free with no paywalls.

Where will your money go? Watch this special video I’ve made just for the occasion to find out.

Drum-roll please…


Gwarlingo Sells Out…To You from Michelle Aldredge on Vimeo.


I’ve worked hard to assemble a unique mix of rewards for my Kickstarter-esque campaign and to offer something for everyone, regardless of your donor level. Giving to Gwarlingo is a win/win. Not only will you have the chance to share your own work (or pay tribute to someone else) through the Member Page, you will be supporting some of the artists whose work I love and have featured on the website, while also acquiring a unique piece of artwork priced well below market value. How can you lose?

Please take a minute to check out the special artwork, prints, and other cool rewards I have to offer. They include work by photographers Bill Jacobson and Barry Underwood, artists Rachel Perry Welty, Matthew Northridge, and Anna Schuleit, and a new film from Cindy Kleine and Andre Gregory. I’m also offering members a chance to work with me directly through Complete Creative Intensives, workshops, and more. Rewards are extremely limited, and many are one-of-a-kind, so don’t wait. I’ve also made a special video just for the occasion.

Click here to browse the rewards and to donate. Thanks for reading and for your all of your support.

Happy holidays!