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Tatzu Nishi Builds Christopher Columbus a Living Room in the Sky: Exclusive Photos

  Tatzu Nishi's public art installation, Discovering Columbus, opened in Manhattan on Thursday. Here Nishi is pictured with Gaetano Russo's 1892 sculpture. (Photo by Tom Powel courtesy the Public Art Fund, NY)   Last week I featured Tatzu Nishi's Discovering Columbus on my Don't Miss List for September. Two [...]

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The Complete Creative Part 1 : How “If-Only Syndrome” Derails Us As Artists

  A ballerina by British street artist Banksy (Photo courtesy   When Gwarlingo readers give me feedback, I listen. You've been telling me that you'd like to see more articles about process and the challenges of being an artist. I've appreciated your emails and comments. Today, I'm excited [...]

An Exclusive Peek Inside Keith Haring’s New York City Studio

The front door of the late Keith Haring's New York City studio. These fish stickers were given to the artist by a friend. (Photo by Michelle Aldredge)     Keith Haring in front of his mural at the Walker Art Center (Keith Haring artwork © Keith Haring Foundation) [...]

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