Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Movement has just received the support of almost 200 great novelists, non-fiction writers, journalists, poets, editors, and playwrights. Occupy Writers was published this morning and includes the signatures of Jonathan Lethem, Lemony Snicket, Mary Karr, Neil Gaiman, Salman Rushdie, Barbara Ehrenreich, Sasha Frere-Jones, Honor Moore, Luc Sante, Ann Patchett, Sam Lipsyte, Young Jean Lee, Lewis Hyde and many other established writers and editors.

The original letter, which was circulated throughout the literary community this week, was as follows:

As writers our work depends on imagination; for the Occupy Movement, such imagination has become a genuine starting place, at the convergence of telling stories and making change happen. Not just any change. Real democracy. Economic justice. Freedom of speech that includes the freedom of assembly, the freedom to gather and together exercise our imaginations of what democracy and justice can mean. We want a world worthy of the best we think stories have to offer — and what would that world look like but one in which discussion is both nonviolent and vivid, spectacular, and engaging in the way that the protesters of the Occupy Movement are reminding us it can be? We see in the Occupy Movement the beginnings of a renaissance of public conversation, and we, the undersigned writers and all who will join us, support the Occupy Movement in its pursuit.

The idea for creating the list of supporters was the brainstorm of writers Jeff Sharlet and Kiera Feldman. The project is being realized with the help of many volunteers, which include students, writers, and artists. If you’re a writer and support Occupy Wall Street, you can add your name and the title of one book to the Occupy Writers website.

You can view the entire list of writers here. Please consider spreading the word about the list by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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