Michelle Aldredge, Creator of GwarlingoMy name is Michelle Aldredge. I am a writer, photographer, and the creator of Gwarlingo.

Gwarlingo is an online community where artists and curious individuals can follow great visual art, music, film, performance, writing, and design, as well as discuss the rewards and challenges of the creative life. Its aim is to highlight some of the most interesting work being created today–to cut through the noise and clutter of the web so that you don’t have to. Whether you’re an artist yourself, an arts lover, or someone who wants to be more innovative in your job or personal life, I trust you’ll find Gwarlingo a useful and inspiring resource.

Artists of all disciplines and in all stages of their careers struggle to integrate their creative practice into daily life. It is challenging to carve out the necessary time and space to think, question, and create, and often as challenging to find a network of supportive, like-minded peers. I hope Gwarlingo can be such a community.

Gwarlingo aspires to make the arts more intelligible, collaborative, and cross disciplinary–to treat the subject with both intelligence and wit. At Gwarlingo the focus is on quality over quantity, on clarity over clutter, on stories over sound bytes.  At Gwarlingo we believe that asking questions is often as important as finding answers.

Most of my professional life has been dedicated to making the arts more accessible. Since 1999, I’ve worked at The MacDowell Colony, the nation’s oldest artist colony founded in 1907. In addition to working with the artists in residence, one of my many jobs is coordinating MacDowell’s community outreach program, which connects Colony artists with local students, teachers, and audiences. I’ve also worked as a librarian, a docent at The High Museum of Art, a photographer, an English and literacy tutor, and an editorial assistant at an arts magazine. I’m also a working artist myself. I’m a photographer and writer, and I recently finished my first novel Promiseland.

Michelle Aldredge-Creator of GwarlingoI grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but have called New Hampshire home since 1999. My home studio sits on top of a hill overlooking Mt. Monadnock and the distant Berkshires. Although I miss fried okra, the early southern spring, and restaurants that stay open past 9:00, this quiet, rural life agrees with me. In New Hampshire I can see the stars, go kayaking or snowshoeing, watch bald eagles fish in the lake, and focus on my creative work in silence. I no longer have to worry about traffic jams or rush hour accidents; moose, bear, deer, wild turkey, and frost heaves are the primary road hazards here. Although I live in the country, I’m fortunate enough to be part of a vibrant arts community in New Hampshire, New York City, and Massachusetts. The quiet days are punctuated by regular travel and frequent visits to museums, theaters, readings, arts events, lectures, and open studios.

I hope you’ll join me in the weeks and months ahead as I share some fascinating work, news, artist interviews, excursions, resources, advice, and discussions about the arts and the creative process.

The Gwarlingo Studio in New Hampshire

The View from Gwarlingo

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