Congratulations to Gwarlingo reader Jean Marie Casbarian. She’s the lucky winner of two tickets to see Joseph Keckler perform at La Mama on Saturday night in New York City.

Connecting with new readers is one of the things I enjoy most about Gwarlingo. Some people I know, but many are strangers, and some are as far away as Japan, China, Russia, and Italy. Jean Marie and I have never met, but because of Gwarlingo I’ve discovered her fabulous photographs and installations and will now have a chance to connect with her in person.

Jean Marie incorporates photography, film and video projections, sound, sculpture and performance into her artworks. I’ve included stills from her 2010 video project “Bury Me At Sea” so you can get a glimpse of her work. You can visit her website if you’d like to view her installations and see more of her photographs.

Thanks to all of the readers who put their names in the hat for the free tickets to the performance. Joseph puts on a great show, so even if you didn’t win, please consider joining us anyway. The performance runs from November 18th-20th at La Mama in New York City. You can purchase tickets here.

I’ll be sharing art news from New York in the coming week. You can stay in touch by connecting with me on TwitterFacebook, or the Gwarlingo Facebook page. You can also subscribe to Gwarlingo by email.

Congratulations Jean Marie! I’ll see you in the city.