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The Sunday Poem : Erica Funkhouser

By |01.12.13|



“I think I don’t really know who I am, or what I think, or what I believe unless I’m in the process of writing,” says poet Erica Funkhouser. “That’s where all of my discovery takes place, that’s where […]

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The Sunday Poem : John Lane

By |01.06.13|



John Lane is a poet with the eye of a naturalist. Quarries. Cottonmouths in a creek. Civil War battlefields. Suburban lawns. These are the places he turns to for meaning.

Lane understands that our relationship to the environment is a symbiotic one […]

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The Sunday Poem : Mark Doty

By |12.22.12|



Finding a memorable contemporary poem about Christmas is a lot like discovering a jaw-dropping piece of Christmas music. In other words, the task is nearly impossible. I’m a softy, it’s true, but my tolerance for sentimental goo is as low […]

The Sunday Poem : Janlori Goldman

By |12.15.12|



It’s hard to believe that the winter solstice is this week. For residents of the Northern Hemisphere, December 21st is both the longest night, and the shortest day, depending on your perspective. On December 21st, there will be 24 hours […]

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The Sunday Poem : Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

By |12.09.12|



Thanks to all of the readers who have contributed to the Gwarlingo Membership Drive. Just over $4000 of the $15,000 goal has been raised in the first three days, which has exceeded my expectations. Thank you! Art work by Matthew […]

The Sunday Poem : Caitlin Doyle

By |12.01.12|



Rhyme is tricky business for a contemporary poet. In an environment where free-verse dominates, how can a writer make a traditional technique like rhyme meaningful and innovative, and not simply a hollow, reactionary gesture against the status-quo?

Poet Caitlin Doyle has […]

The Sunday Poem : W.S. Merwin & the Debut of the Sunday Poem Index

By |11.24.12|



I want to wish you and your loved ones a belated Happy Thanksgiving this Sunday.

This holiday I’m exceedingly grateful to you for reading Gwarlingo and to all of the artists and poets who have contributed work to the site. In […]

The Sunday Poem : Anzhelina Polonskaya, Translated by Andrew Wachtel

By |11.17.12|



I first met Russian poet Anzhelina Polonskaya several years ago at the MacDowell Colony, where many of the poems in her new collection, Paul Klee’s Boat, were written.

While in New Hampshire, Anzhelina graciously offered to share her work at […]

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The Sunday Poem : Martha Collins

By |11.04.12|



As a five-year-old boy, Martha Collins’ father sold fruit in front of the Blue Front Restaurant in Cairo, Illinois. One November day in 1909, he was lifted onto a relative’s shoulders to watch a bloodthirsty mob of 10,000 people kill […]

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The Sunday Poem : James Arthur

By |10.27.12|



“That feeling of becoming a new person in a different place, even if it’s an illusion, is intoxicating to me, and always has been,” says poet James Arthur. “I love writing about places, but only places where I don’t belong.”

James’s debut […]

The Sunday Poem : John Yau

By |10.06.12|



Poet, art critic, and curator John Yau was born in Lynn, Massachusetts to Chinese emigrants. Like a painter obsessed with the physicality of paint, Yau takes pleasure in words as words. His poetry is playful, surprising, and pushes […]

The Sunday Poem : Jean Valentine

By |09.29.12|



No one has captured the essence of Jean Valentine’s poetry as eloquently as the late writer Adrienne Rich:

“Looking into a Jean Valentine poem is like looking into a lake: you can see your own outline, and the shapes of the […]

The Sunday Poem : Jim Daniels

By |09.22.12|





Last Day in Coldwater

Our phone died due to lack
of payment. I left her a note
and trudged down
the gray splintered stairs.

She was sleeping the weekly
sleep of the dead,
the morning crash after the stairs
burned […]

The Sunday Poem : Joan Murray

By |09.15.12|



Today’s Sunday Poem is a special excerpt from poet Joan Murray’s project The Visitor: Poems from the Eastman House. The last time I saw Joan she was working on this series of poems at The MacDowell Colony. I asked Joan […]

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The Sunday Poem : Judith Kitchen

By |09.08.12|



(Note: Today’s Sunday Poem is part of Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry” series and is made possible by The Poetry Foundation This one is for all of the gardeners out there!)


By describing the relocation of the moles […]

The Sunday Poem: Natalie Diaz

By |09.01.12|



New poetry publications have been piling up in my post office box, a sure sign that the fall book season is here. One of the best surprises that’s appeared in my mail in recent weeks is Copper Canyon’s When […]

The Sunday Poem : Hayden Carruth

By |08.19.12|





For Geof

I’m eighty-four now. Now I know what I

Should have done. After the war I should

Have stayed in the army. And now I’d be

A retired sergeant or captain with a pension

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The Sunday Poem : Frank O’Hara

By |08.12.12|


Art critic and New York School poet Frank O’Hara studied piano at the New England Conservatory in Boston from 1941 to 1944 and served in the South Pacific and Japan as a sonarman on the destroyer USS Nicholas during World […]

The Sunday Poem : Merry Fortune

By |08.04.12|




God Quest

And when I have toilet paper I say thank you toilet paper god and when I
have food I say thank you food god. Clothes: thank the clothes’ god, shoes
and accessories- thank the same god. For […]

The Sunday Poem : Jorge Carrera Andrade’s Micrograms

By |07.28.12|



“The images of Jorge Carrera Andrade are so extraordinarily clear, so connected to the primitive I imagine I am…participating in a vision already lost to the world. It is a place melancholy but grand.”      — William Carlos Williams



Largely overlooked by […]

The Sunday Poem : Adrienne Rich

By |07.21.12|


The Sunday Poem returns today after a two-week hiatus. Thanks to all of you who wrote and told me how much you missed receiving the Sunday Poem in your inbox. It only confirms what I suspected all along: that Gwarlingo […]

Ruin & Repetition: Margaret Lanzetta & Susan Briante’s Utopia Minus Project

By |07.07.12|


I’m excited to share this special expanded edition of Gwarlingo’s Sunday Poem series with you. The Utopia Minus Project is an art and poetry collaboration that has been in the works for nearly twelve months now.

Poet Susan Briante […]

The Sunday Poem : Kobayashi Issa Translated and Read by Robert Hass

By |06.23.12|





Translating haiku seems like a natural fit for Robert Hass, a United States Poet Laureate and recipient of both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for poetry. Hass says he likes poems that “get to […]

The Sunday Poem : Ravi Shankar

By |06.16.12|





Sam the Super


You wouldn’t take my bald father for a quirky man,
since his bearing is quintessentially Tamil-Brahmin,
a Tam-Bram for the uninitiated, with the firmest hand

when it comes to discipline or studies. He leers at […]

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The Sunday Poem : Carl Dennis

By |06.02.12|






If I told you simply that the bed in the Baptist Hospital

Last occupied by Cora Stokes is empty again,

And the patient didn’t go home, you’d be likely

Not to feel much […]