• Miriam Sagan at Fridgehenge at the Santa Fe dump (Photo by Hope Atterbury)

The Sunday Poem: Miriam Sagan’s Seven Places in America

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“Miriam Sagan’s Seven Places is a lovely collection of verbal souvenirs, resonant snapshots plumbing the mists, the touches, the footfalls that evoke place,” writes art critic Lucy Lippard. “Before I started reading I knew some of these places. Now I know them all. […]

  • Bobby Sommer plays museum guard Johann in Cohen's latest film Museum Hours.

Jem Cohen’s Museum Hours: A Film With Big Ideas and Small Details

By |07.18.13|


There are times when art criticism can illuminate a specific art work—expand on it, put it into context, or communicate details too easily overlooked. But there are other cases when a given art work, film, book, or piece of music […]

  • Tracing the "High Water Line" along the battery (Photo by Hose Cedeno courtesy

A Line Made By Flooding – Artist Eve Mosher: “I Never Wanted to Be Right”

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“I never wanted this to be a reality,” artist Eve Mosher wrote on her website the week Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New York and New Jersey. “Five years ago I couldn’t have even imagined it.”

In 2007 Mosher created High Water Line, a public art […]

  • "Watertower" by Tom Fruin is now on view in DUMBO (Photo by Robert Banat courtesy Tom Fruin)

Artists Transform New York City’s Water Towers into Works of Art

By |06.22.12|


When you turn on the tap in your kitchen, do you ever think about where the water pouring out of your faucet comes from? Do you ever consider the fact that a simple thing like clean drinking water requires an […]

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  • Matthew Northridge-Kansas 20

Pick of the Week: Matthew Northridge’s Pictures by Wire and Wireless

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If you haven’t seen Matthew Northridge’s solo show Pictures by Wire and Wireless at KANSAS, the newest gallery on Tribeca’s up-and-coming gallery row, you’re in luck. The show has just been extended until Saturday, January 7th. Art Forum magazine has […]

  • "Orange" (Photo © Barry Underwood)

Barry Underwood: Transforming the Familiar into the Extraordinary

By |08.28.11|

Imagine for a moment an Ansel Adams photograph. Any Adams’ image will do.

What does it look like? Do you see a landscape in black and white? Is it in a frame? Is it small? Large? Is the image on a […]

  • A Photograph from the "Medusa" Series (Photo by Angela Cappetta)

Creative Spaces: Angela Cappetta’s Love Letter to Medusa

By |06.30.11|

Photographer Angela Cappetta has a new show opening this weekend at the Medusa General Store as part of their MGS Projects series. “Medusa: A Love Letter to the Mountains” reflects on the working farm community of Medusa in Upstate New […]