The Gorgeous Nothings: The Envelope Poems of Emily Dickinson

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For Proust,” Susan Howe writes in her Preface to The Gorgeous Nothings, “a fragment is a morsel of time in its pure state; it hovers between a present that is immediate and a past that once had been present.”

The fragments […]

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Found : A Poetic License

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Yesterday, I stopped by the Montague Bookmill (“Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find”) and came across this little number: a Poetic License. The license is the brainchild of Kenspeckle Letterpress in Duluth, Minnesota, which […]

John Cage on Beginning

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Last night I came across this quote  in my friend’s office in Philadelphia. Creating art that resonates or impacting the world around you isn’t the result of ambitious ideas or flawless execution. It’s the result of doing.

Start. Now.

You can explore […]

The Art of Taking Risks : 13 Years, 3500 Artists, 7 Memorable Lessons

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When I was a girl, I was fearless. I was always falling out of trees, off of speeding bicycles, into muddy creeks. Once, I was bitten by an angry goose. I was knocked on the head accidentally with a baseball. […]

Found: Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s The Valley Curtain

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a find from my ephemera collection. For my last “Found” post, I published two vintage images of two comic odd couples from my vernacular photography collection.

I discovered this striking […]

  • Odd Couple-Found in NH

Found : Vintage Photos of Mutt and Jeff

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I love found photos and have been collecting them for years now. These pictures of odd couples are two of the favorites in my collection. The photographs were taken only a few years apart in 1937 and 1933 and were found […]