Gwarlingo Studio

When I launched Gwarlingo, I wanted to create a community for artists and art lovers. Over the years I’ve found, just as non-makers need help learning to appreciate art, artists need help learning the business side of making.

Whether you’re just looking for some practice pointers, refining your statement or bio, building your website, or grappling with a knotty psychological issue, I can help.

Gwarlingo Studio offers a range of tools to move your business forward, ranging from free articles about process and career to group workshops to the one-on-one services listed below.


You’re a creator. Whatever you make absolutely stands on it own. But we’ve all seen people read a label before looking at a painting. Words matter. Your painting, your book, or your composition is what makes someone say yes to you–but I want to make sure that when your audience turns to your writing about that work, their “yes” doesn’t change to “no.” And sometimes, just sometimes, that writing will change a “maybe” to an “absolutely.”

I will edit your statements, biographies, applications, or any related writings to make your art sound just as amazing as it is.

My rate is $67/hour for editing or drafting, with a minimum charge of $100 because when I do great work fast that is good for everyone, and I will never drag out my hours just to get paid more. (I will also waive the minimum if you pay with cash or a check.)



They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. But as psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman explains, mastery is not as simple as putting in the hours: “If you have a terrible golf stroke and you practice it for 10,000 hours, you’ll still have a terrible golf stroke. What you need and what’s omitted is an expert eye. You need a coach who can see where you can improve. And you need feedback from that coach continually.”

During my 18 years working with artists I have learned that those who thrive and succeed are resilient and have healthy creative habits. They’re not afraid to take risks or to seek help when they need it.

Imagine feeling motivated, focused, confident, and relieved instead of anxious, fearful, and stuck.

If you want…

Honest and caring feedback on a creative project or career development

A deeper understanding of the fears and anxieties that keep you from doing your best creative work

A daily routine that puts you in your ideal creative zone

A strategy for expanding the audience for your creative work through meaningful online and in-person networking with both peers and professionals

Advice on how to bring your creative work, day job, and personal values into alignment

I can help.

I offer one-on-one support for a flat monthly fee. A typical coaching program includes two hour-long Skype sessions and reasonable email support for follow-up questions or concerns. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to start giving yourself the ability to be your creative best today.



Michelle Aldredge
Michelle AldredgeCreative-in-Chief
Michelle is a writer and the founding editor of the arts and culture site, Gwarlingo. For 13 years she worked with artists at The MacDowell Colony, but now spends her days (and nights) on creative projects like Gwarlingo and her latest collaboration, Mirror Mirrored: A Contemporary Artist’s Edition of 25 Grimm’s Tales. Born in Atlanta and based in New Hampshire, she roams the world in search of mind-blowing art, new friends, and the tastiest bbq.


What They’re Saying

Denise Iris
Denise IrisFilmmaker
“Michelle has a great combination of skill, knowledge of the field, and empathy. She will help you clarify your own mind, figure out a path that makes sense for you, and leave you feeling inspired and energized. Thanks for being a great ally, Michelle!”
Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Jamaaladeen TacumaComposer, Bass Guitarist, Producer
“As a musical artist in the music industry for over 35 years, I have had the great blessing to work with many art organizations world wide…. My experience working with Michelle at The MacDowell Colony was exceptional. She is an extremely intuitive and an organized art advocate. Her expertise in and knowledge of the art world along with her enthusiastic and nurturing spirit make her an excellent mentor to the art community.”
Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
Adrian Nicole LeBlancWriter & MacArthur Fellow
“I know Michelle Aldredge as a friend. Our conversations grew from shared time at an artist’s residency. She is a person of genuine grace. She knows how to listen. She is caring in her speech. She is self-possessed. These are rare qualities.”
Kelly Coveny
Kelly CovenyChief Creative Officer at milk* Agency
“Michelle has a uniquely positive, multi-contextual approach to the arts…. Her positive approach is most definitely a breath of fresh air given the crowded and challenging climate she works within. Her first talk at milk* explored using situational limitations to actually spark and enhance creativity. She tackles the genius of what is right in front of her and builds on it. Such a transformative approach!”