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Contemporary art, poetry, film, music, design, and performance don’t have to be intimidating or quarantined behind the walls of academia. There is a lot of exciting art out there, but the trouble is knowing where to look. Gwarlingo highlights some of the most inventive work being made today in contemporary art. It’s also a place where creative people can connect, explore, and share challenges, ideas, and resources. Gwarlingo is different because of its personal perspective, accessibility, and unique curation. It offers you quality over quantity, clarity over clutter, and stories over sound bytes. At Gwarlingo, I share real conversations with real artists about ideas and process, as well as some of my own exciting discoveries. My goal is to bring you the best work, period—regardless of its genre or popularity, while also having some fun along the way. The site has been featured on NHPR, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, RISDxyz magazine, etc. And the name? Gwarlingo is a Welsh word for the rushing sound a grandfather clock makes before it chimes. Gwarlingo is all about resonance. I made this site so you can experience some of the amazing art that moves me, get valuable advice on the creative life, and connect with like-minded readers around the world. Enjoy

Michelle photographing icicles in Wyoming (Photo by Anne Connel)


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About Michelle Aldredge

I’ve spent 15+ years helping thousands of successful artists of all disciplines and working to make the arts more accessible. (One  friend likes to call me “the arts enabler.”) From 1999-2012 I worked at The MacDowell Colony, the nation’s oldest artist colony, but I’ve also done time at an arts magazine, a library, an art museum, and a raptor rehabilitation center. In May of 2012 I left MacDowell to pursue writing, speaking, consulting, and creative projects full-time. One of my most recent projects involves transforming a Gilded Age estate in Philadelphia into an artist community. (You can check out my projects below.) I’ve appeared as an arts and culture commentator on New Hampshire Public Radio, served as the judge for A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Orlando Literary Prize, and received fellowships from the Hambidge Center and Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts. My writing and photography have appeared in RISD XYZ magazine, Psychology Today, Born Journal, and other publications. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but have called New Hampshire home since 1999. My studio sits on top of a hill overlooking Mt. Monadnock. I miss fried okra, the early southern spring, and restaurants that stay open past 9:00 p.m., but rural life agrees with me. In New Hampshire I can see the stars, go kayaking or snowshoeing, watch bald eagles fish in the lake, and focus on my creative work in silence. I no longer have to worry about traffic jams or rush hour accidents; moose, deer, wild turkey, and frost heaves are the primary road hazards here. Although I live in the country, I’m fortunate enough to be part of a vibrant arts community that extends beyond this small New England village. The quiet days are punctuated by regular travel and frequent visits to museums, theaters, readings, arts events, lectures, and open studios in New York City, London, Northampton, Philadelphia, Peterborough, Atlanta, and other cities and towns. Thanks for visiting Gwarlingo. Come back. Come often.


Michelle’s Recent Projects


is the means we have of undoing the damage of haste. It’s what everything else isn’t.”

― Theodore Roethke

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