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  • Nan Goldin takes a cigarette break (Photo Michael Moore/The Keene Sentinel)
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    Obsession & Empathy: Nan Goldin, Michael Chabon, & A Home for Indigent Bohemians

  • Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer and MacDowell Chairman Michael Chabon with his daughter Sophie and son Zeke at Medal Day 2012 (Photo by Michelle Aldredge)

Obsession & Empathy: Nan Goldin, Michael Chabon, & A Home for Indigent Bohemians

By |08.31.12

  Two weeks ago, artists and art lovers converged on the quiet town of Peterborough, New Hampshire, for a chance to meet some of the most talented contemporary artists working today. Each August the famed MacDowell Colony opens its doors to the public and gives visitors from around the country an opportunity to tour its 32 studios, historic sites, 450 acres of forest, vegetable gardens, streams, orchards, and fields. When composer Edward MacDowell and his wife Marian established an artist retreat in the New Hampshire woods in 1907, the idea seemed nothing less than ridiculous. Skeptics were quick to pounce, [...]

The Sunday Poem : Hayden Carruth

By |08.19.12

          For Geof   I’m eighty-four now. Now I know what I Should have done. After the war I should Have stayed in the army. And now I’d be A retired sergeant or captain with a pension Much bigger than social security. Instead All those years of puzzling with a stubby pen- Cil over a dog-eared tablet of scrawly lines, Synonyms listed in the margins and arrows flying This way and that. Years, I say. Thinking Of words, words, words, nothing but words Zipping or fluttering above a cotton field In the dull Louisiana of my [...]
  • Headshot of Samein at Magazine Stand
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    Samein Priester on Fatherhood, Film, & Loss of His Wife, Artist Denyse Thomasos

Samein Priester on Fatherhood, Film, & Loss of His Wife, Artist Denyse Thomasos

By |08.17.12

  How do you learn to be a father, particularly when there are no fathers around to be an example? This is the question at the heart of Samein Priester’s personal documentary 1st&4ever. The dilemma of fatherhood has taken on new significance for Samein since the tragic loss of his partner, artist Denyse Thomasos, last month. Denyse’s visit to the hospital on July 19th was supposed to be routine. She was there for an MRI, but during the procedure she suffered a fatal allergic reaction. Her sudden death has left her husband, friends, family, students, colleagues, and the New York [...]

The Sunday Poem : Frank O’Hara

By |08.12.12

  Art critic and New York School poet Frank O’Hara studied piano at the New England Conservatory in Boston from 1941 to 1944 and served in the South Pacific and Japan as a sonarman on the destroyer USS Nicholas during World War II. With the funding made available to veterans he attended Harvard University, where artist and writer Edward Gorey was his roommate. He then attended graduate school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and received his M.A. in English literature in 1951. That autumn O’Hara moved to New York City where he began teaching at The New [...]

Being André Gregory : Before and After Dinner

By |08.08.12

    We gathered around André Gregory like children eagerly assembling around the librarian for story hour. André perched in a picture window inside Winsome Brown and Claude Arpels’ fashionable Tribeca apartment. Behind him, the sun was setting over the Hudson River. On the wall hung a series of striking self-portraits by Gregory. We were gathered in Tribeca with some of André’s closest friends and supporters to hear the legendary raconteur tell stories. The event was also a party for Before and After Dinner, a new documentary about Gregory directed by his wife, filmmaker Cindy Kleine. The genuine affection the guests felts for André was palpable as he moved [...]

The Sunday Poem : Merry Fortune

By |08.04.12




God Quest
And when I have toilet paper I say thank you toilet paper god and when I
have food I say thank you food god. Clothes: thank the clothes’ god, shoes
and accessories- thank the same god. For lifts: the elevator god, and wine-
the god of grapes till I see stems and pits and oranges then I am lost in
contemplation of that which is good and may certainly decompose, knee
deep in gods pertaining to the dreaded thought, all distinctions left floating
to be divvied and transferred, mulled upon. After consideration and
appropriate confusion it is with great relief I decide to thank one […]

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    Amy Hempel & Matthew Zapruder : Lessons from the Writing Life

Amy Hempel & Matthew Zapruder : Lessons from the Writing Life

By |08.03.12

  A few weeks ago I had a chance to meet writers Matthew Zapruder and Amy Hempel for the first time. The event was part of a reading series at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute, an annual summer workshop at the University of Massachusetts that brings students and accomplished writers together to explore the craft of poetry, fiction, and memoir. Zapruder and Hempel did not disappoint. Zapruder read a selection of new poems, including “Poem Without Intimacy,” which was a featured Sunday Poem here on Gwarlingo. His most recent book, Come on All You Ghosts, includes two of my favorite [...]