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My name is Michelle Aldredge, and I’m the creator of Gwarlingo. I’ve spent 15+ years helping thousands of successful artists of all disciplines, and I’m a working artist myself. Gwarlingo is the best place to read in-depth conversations with artists and to learn about contemporary visual art, music, writing, film, performance, and design. What is Gwarlingo?
  • A thoughtfully curated journal of contemporary art that combines all art forms & dispenses with unnecessary jargon
  • A place for readers to get experienced advice about process, business, & the challenges of the creative life
  • (And literally…) A Welsh word for the rushing sound a grandfather clock makes before it strikes



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Gwarlingo Is Member Supported. Meet Just a Few of Its Members

Christopher Robinson
Christopher RobinsonWriter
“It’s remarkable how frequently the Sunday Poems are both moving and intellectually surprising. Consistently top-notch.”

Cathy Ostlere
Cathy OstlereWriter & Poet
“The Gwarlingo site is like a precious island in the middle of an internet-garbage-heavy Sargasso Sea! I love it, need it, long for it. It is a work of art that celebrates art.”

Mimi Rabson
Mimi RabsonComposer & Musician
“I’ve never gotten it with poetry. But now, thanks to you, I am starting to get it. And I can’t wait for the Sunday Poem.”

Ron Wyman
Ron WymanFilmmaker
“Gwarlingo is the vision of one person and it is clearly a work of passion. It connects and celebrates a collection of artists and cool people who are impacting not just their own communities but finding recognition globally. It is simply a blast to read!”


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